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Two Great Tips To Increase Your AdSense Revenue
by Chet Brzezinski

If you are involved in affiliate programs then you most likely know about and are using Google Adsense. If used right, you can earn great revenue with the use of AdSense ads when strategically placed throughout your web pages. Over the past 2 months I have literally doubled my AdSense revenue by following two simple steps which I am about to share with you.

Other than general knowledge of using meta tags and keywords, here are two great tips on how to increase your revenue through the use of Google AdSense:

Multiple Adsense Ads
Google now allows up to 3 ad units per page. This means that you can stategically place adsense ads throughout your site. I like to use one wide skyscraper ad (160x600) on the right or left side of the page. Then I like to add two banner type ads (468x60) within the content of my page. It has seemed to work best placing the banner ads far enough apart but not to far where the user never loses sight of one while scrolling down the page.

Ad Design
What I have found that works best when it comes to how your adsense ad looks is not making it stand out from the rest of your pages. Try to blend the ads in with the rest of your pages. The ads should look like text links within your page. I feel that giving them fancy backgrounds, borders, text colors, etc will draw attention away from your ads. This is because they start to look like banner ads and most people have become immune to seeing banner ads. But if the ads look like they are a part of your site then visitors will not ignore them.

About the Author
Chet Brzezinski has been in the affiliate marketing and affiliate management industry since 1997. View more affiliate program related articles at any of Chet's sites below: