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Email Marketing Lead Capturing Your Way to Website Marketing Success

It is not enough to maximize web site traffic. You must have a system in place to acquire the name and contact information of people that may be interested in your product or service. Lead generation is one of the most important aspects of internet marketing online and a must when it comes to growing a successful business. In the old days of online email marketing, you had more latitude to do this.

There was nothing wrong in sending out emails to people who had not requested one as long as you did not go overboard with it. Unfortunately many people did just that and by doing so added an old word with a new meaning to our vocabulary: spam. The good news is some people had a better idea and went to work creating email marketing lead capture pages also known as name squeeze. Name squeeze is the act of setting up one or more web pages whose sole purpose is to entice visitors to leave their contact information thereby joining your opt in email list.

The email marketing lead capture form can include phone number and address but all you need really is the visitor's name and email address. These pages often times are used as doorways that lead you to the main website. Email Marketing Lead capture pages are pretty straightforward.

If done properly, you cannot be accused of spamming or tricking someone to leave their information since you have stated clearly that for the person to get a free gift, more information or access to your web pages they must agree to join your opt in email list. In other words you are building a database of customers who are ALREADY interested in what you have to tell them. I don't say they will automatically buy your product or service but as long as they remain on your opt in email list, you have the opportunity to present countless offers to them. Just make sure you can them quality information on a consistent basis and not just a daily sales pitch. There are 3 ways to use lead capture pages that can explode you online business: 1.

Building List Marketing If you have never heard the phrase "the money is in the list", welcome aboard and get use to it. It has become a pretty standard cliché among internet marketers because it's true. The name squeeze technique moves people to take action while limiting their options. This is a good thing since too many choices has a tendency to confuse people. For instance if you offer a free report on your name squeeze page, people have only two actions to choose from: sign up to get the report or leave. A good email marketing lead capture page can build you a massive opt in mailing list of targeted customers.

2. The One Time Offer. You have peaked the interest of your visitors to the point they take action and sign up to your email marketing list. However instead of being immediately taken to the free report or given access to your website, they land on a page that offers a specific product or service related to your niche that is available for purchase.

Welcome to the one time offer page. This technique has made a lot of money for some online business owners. The theory behind it is, since people are in the frame of mind to get more information then this is a good opportunity to lead them to a quality offer related to that niche.

The groundwork for your one time offer has been put in place by your squeeze page. This practice may not be for every situation but if used properly it can be a very profitable website marketing tool for your business 3. What Do They Want? You already know that people who have joined your email marketing list via your squeeze page are interested in what you have to say but what else? You can change the topic on your lead capture page or just design several different squeeze pages to identify other potential hot markets.

Set up some kind of tracking system to find out what pages are generating the most interest. Learning to maximize web site traffic maybe the lifeblood of doing business online but it doesn't mean a thing if people click to your site then leave without taking any action. Email marketing lead capture pages can not only go a long way to your web visitors taking action but also ensuring the success of your internet business.

Daryl Campbell invites you to get more free tips, video, step by step coaching and up to the minute information to help you grow your business into a long term success at Internet Marketing Guide

Affiliate Marketing

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