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Get Higher Page Ranking For More Targeted Web Traffic

You might be aware by now of the importance that a high page rank holds for your website, especially if you're already an experienced online businessman. If not, then don't worry about it, because I can explain it easily enough. It doesn't matter how big or how nicely designed your website is.

If your site doesn't have good enough rankings, you won't see enough traffic in your website, so you can also say goodbye to your dreams of making it big in online marketing. When an Internet user looks for information on a search page like Yahoo! or Google, they type in a keyword or some keywords that are closely related to what they are looking for. The search engine then shows all of the web pages it comes across that contain those keywords. So how does page rank factor in? Well, if your site enjoys a good ranking for that search engine, it will be listed among the top websites in the search results pages.

If you're closer to the top of the list, you get more exposure, and you will also increase your chances of getting targeted visitors for your site. Now, there are several useful tools and add-ons that you can use on your web browser to determine the page ranks for each website you visit. You can use these tools to find out what your own site's page rank is. Basically, page rank is a measurement of how important your website is to a specific search engine. Keep in mind also that page rankings may vary from one search engine to another. Now, what do you have to do to raise your page rank? The best and most effective way is to fill your site with high quality content that will be useful or entertaining to visitors.

The content must also fit in with your website's particular niche, and should be based on one or two main keywords that the search engines can use to pull in your articles when someone searches for them. If somebody tells you that it's easy to get a good page rank, don't believe him. Developing your page ranking takes time and effort.

If you can afford it, hiring a good writer can do the trick, but you must prioritize quality over quantity, in this case well-written articles that make good use of relevant keywords. After generating your articles, you have to submit them to article directories, search engines, and even other websites, in order to get more exposure for your own site. It's a never-ending cycle, mind you. If you increase your site's traffic, your page ranking will also increase; if your page rank soars, then so will your traffic.

As you can see, page ranking and website traffic complement each other. Some other methods of driving more traffic to your site involves signing up with PPC (pay per click) traffic exchange programs, which are mostly free to join. Buying an expired domain name also helps, since they usually have a regular fan base established. You can also send out newsletters or an e-zine that features your site's links at the end. Last but not least, you can just splurge on some website advertising.

Whatever you do, it's a huge mistake to start thinking that just because you've built a website means people will automatically come to it. You've got to give them a reason to visit your site. Even buying an expired domain name doesn't necessarily mean huge droves of traffic for you. Yes, your site may get regular hits on a daily basis, but it certainly won't be enough to pull up your page rank all by itself.

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Affiliate Marketing

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