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How To Write A Money Making eCourse

An ecourse is a series of messages delivered by email using an autoresponder. You can build a list of your own and make money with it. In this article we will look at how easy writing and ecourse can be and how to create a list with it. 1. Deciding on the theme of your ecourse is the first thing you need to do.

What are you going to write about and what is your goal with this course. 2. Create a title that let's people know what your ecourse is about. For example if you are going to teach people how to quickly burn calories your title might be "10 Ways To Quickly Burn Calories".

3. Start to write the course. This may take some research on your part, or you may already have existing content to use. If you write articles go back and look at those. You may be able to quickly repackage those into your course with very little effort.

You can also get ideas from private label right programs such as InfoGoRound.com and PLRWholesaler.com. Of course article directories such as EzineArticles.com and IdeaMarketers.

com have thousands of articles you can look at for ideas too! 4. Set a goal of creating an ecourse of 5-10 messages. So you will need 5-10 articles for the theme of your email messages. Make sure you have permission to do so if you use another person's work.

5. At the end of each article you can add a resource box. It should lead to a sales page for a product you sell. This can be an affiliate program or even your own products if you have them. If you use another person's article you need to give them credit in the bio box. One idea is to look for article that are written by writers who have an affiliate program of their own.

Then you can join their affiliate program and change the website url in the bio box to your affiliate website. This way you get credit for making the sale when your subscriber buys something. 6. Once you have your written your ecourse you will put it into an autoresponder.

Aweber and GetResponse are two of the most popular and reliable companies to use. You want each message to look the same so be sure and come up with an intro to each one. Then you can just paste in the article and go onto the next one. 7. You will now have an autoresponder email you can promote. You should consider creating a landing page and putting a sign up form on it.

Now you can promote either your landing page or autoresponder email address to get subscribers. Promoting your ecourse is just like promoting any product online. You have to work at it and use any method you can,.

Try and find as many free or nearly free methods to do this including article marketing, forums, classified ads, payperclick, blogs and so on. Depending on your effort you can build a list of thousands of people who are reading your ecourse at any time. This will allow you to contact these people in the future to sell backend product as well. Hopefully this short article has given you some ideas on how to write and ecourse and make money with it. Once you get the hang of doing this you can do it over and over for virtually any product in any niche and make a every good income from it.

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Affiliate Marketing

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