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Myspace Friend AdderTry and Compare Before you Buy

I've used the social network Myspace for the past year or so. At the moment of writing this Myspace has millions of registered users and adds millions each month. When I started looking for ways to substitute my day job income and affiliate marketing stood out as the best choice. I used a friend bot, aka, friend adder bot to promote the affiliate sites.

When I found this software, I realized how ancient by adding friends one at a time manually. First let me explain how a friend adder works and then I will compare some of the top programs out there and you will clearly see which friend adder download is superior to the others. An automatic friend adder bot is software that allows you to easily add friends to your profile in the shortest amount of time. Imagine what this does for bands, promoters, multi-level marketers and affiliate marketing promotion. With an automatic friend adder you have the power to increase your visibility by over 10 thousand people a month without paying for advertising.

My affiliate commissions skyrocketed once I got a hold of the software and I was instantly ten steps ahead of my competitors. In most business you have a ton of competition and it's those small advantages that set your business apart from your competitors. Having the ability to use these tools, I left my competition in the dust at a pace faster than I couldn't have imagined. Product Choices: Friend Blaster Pro is an okay product and an on-par one to use on Myspace. With Friend Blaster Pro, the functions on MySpace currently performed manually are automatically done.

It's broken down so you can use one account profile or pay a little bit more to have unlimited accounts. This one is Cool. Another MySpace bot is called FriendAdder. This is the only adder software that splits the program. You can buy the commenter, friend request tool or friend messenger.

There is a package offered also that you can choose. Based on what I've seen this is a decent Myspace bot and the support is helpful. You can also choose to have options for the number of active accounts registered.

Having more than one account will cost you more money Stealth Friend Bomber is the one that sets the bar for friend adders, though. Stealth Friend Bomber gives free automatic updates, instant activation, mass commenting, groups and messaging all in one, plus it is also a YouTube friend adder! This is the best deal out there simply because of what you get for the investment you make. The power to build your friends list on Myspace and YouTube, the support offered in comparison to the other companies is much better. This one paid for itself the first day I used it. This one is the Coolest. As you can see, these are great pieces of software that will help you build a massive friend list in a very short amount of time.

Make sure you download the Free Demo and start building your list now. The free youtube friend adder bot is the most cost effective and time efficient way to go as far as I'm concerned. It can't get much better than being able to market to over 315 million registered users with one marketing tool. I know your business will flourish the way mine is once you start using this software.

Don't wait to sky-rocket your profits with this phenomenal Free YouTube and Myspace Friend Adder! Force Boatloads of Laser Targeted Traffic to Your Website with this high-tech Friend Bot. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Affiliate Marketing

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