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Testimonial Recanted By Leading Passport To Wealth Member

As a member of Passport To Wealth since Feb. 07, I feel it is necessary to recant and modify my former testimonial given. Though I have done well in the business, I must make public my findings since that time. The testimonial was given to The Wealth Group, founded by Bob Williams, in May of 07 and since then my dealings with them have changed.

I think it is beneficial to those considering this business to get the facts as I see them almost a year after this business was started. Though I am technically part of this organization, I have spent my time with another group inside Passport To Wealth that provides a much more personal level of help and support. With that group I can provide a much more direct and dedicated role in the members who join with us. I gave my testimonial in May of 07 and now feel the need to clarify and modify that testimonial. It is prominently displayed on tens, if not hundreds, of sites across the internet. I feel that in full disclosure I must come clean and let everyone know the facts and truth about this business.

Every business I have built, including this one, has been created on the foundation of honesty and integrity. My dad has been very helpful in providing me with solid business information. He always said "that honesty and integrity are what makes a business successful and useful. If you can't run your business with those traits, then you might as well shut down and find a job." For those who aren't familiar with Passport To Wealth, this is an online business that has been created within the booming and exploding software industry.

The founder, Darren Gaudry, put this together after studying a similar business and felt that he could offer the consumer more value and improve upon that similar model. Within Passport To Wealth, each member has access and FULL resale rights to over 350 different digital products all based around the internet marketing business. These products are able to be downloaded instantly and will provide the member with either marketing components or information. The software tools and programs that make up the marketing components offer you an overwhelming resource that will help you improve any website. Most of these tools are used to help the owner market their Passport to Wealth business or any other products or programs they wish to market.

The informational products consist primarily of instructional e-books and audios that will teach anyone a multitude of different online marketing techniques and strategies. In this vast business of online marketing, one can never master all the ways to reach their target audience. The way I look at it, is the more information on how to accomplish that, the better. In addition to the products, each member receives their own website that has a professional presentation explaining the available products, compensation plan and business opportunity contained within. The income possibilities that come from the use of the products available is nothing short of staggering.

Since the products come with full resale rights, which means you can sell the products and keep 100% of the profits, you also have a fantastic opportunity to create an additional income stream with the program. When I joined and started marketing these products and business opportunity I found that by just doing some marketing and placing ads that I would make sales. Using the expression, "copy, paste, makes sales and repeat" could be described as me alluding to how easy this program is." This gives the impression that this is an extremely easy business.

Since the beginning of this program, increased competition and changes in the marketplace have caused this and other programs to be more difficult to market successfully. I also still feel that this IS a great business and can provide a solid, full time income, but, you must approach this differently today then in the beginning. There is a lot more to marketing this or any other program then just placing a few over used ads through out the internet. If that is your primary strategy, then it is just a matter of time before you go broke or quit. When considering this business you must understand a few key points about this business and online marketing in general if you are going to be successful with it. 1.

The first and foremost key to your success will be in who you work with directly. I highly recommend that you work with someone that is accessible to answer your questions when they come up. This is best accomplished with the telephone. If you can't get the info you need from your sponsor, what are you paying them for? 2.

You also want to make sure that you will be able to put a reasonable amount of time into building and growing your business. Many claim that this is 100% automated or that the system will make sales for you in your sleep. NO business can do that.

That is an investment and Passport To Wealth is a business and not an investment. You must be able to spend at least 1-3 hours a day, especially in the beginning to learning and building your new business 3. Another important key to your success will be in the training that you will have access to once you join.

Is the training going to be personal or just lead you to a website where you have to read until your brain is numb? (Now reading is fundamental to learning, but needs to be reinforced with your personal questions answered from your mentor.) I firmly believe that those that take a serious step into this business with a mentor that they can personally work with will have ultimately the best chance of success. Success is not a right and is not guaranteed. However, if one truly has the desire, they can not be stopped!.

Damian Benko is a successful internet marketer that is dedicated to all his members by providing personal help and mentoring to help them accomplish the success they are striving for online. For those serious about making money online, the help and resources available with him will save you time and money. http://www.TruthAboutOnlineMarketing.com

Affiliate Marketing

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