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What I Use to Help my eBay Selling

There is an uncharged version called Shortkeys Lite which has a limit of 30 items. The full version of Shortkeys allows you an unlimited number of items. You can get it here: http://www.workwinners.com/nlrshortkeys.htm Download Accelerator If you regularly download eBooks or software, and it seems to take forever; you will find Download Accelerator is a useful addition to your portfolio.

Download Accelerator increases download speeds by up to 300%, regardless of the speed of your internet connection. I don't know how it does it, but I guess 89 million users can't be wrong! You can get Download Accelerator on 14 day test here: http://www.workwinners.com/nlraccelerator.

htm EBook Production Acrobat Adobe I create all my eBooks in pdf format as this file can be read by anyone with Acrobat Reader, and this includes Mac users too. The way I create an eBook is to write it in Microsoft Word first. Once I'm happy that the Word version is exactly how I want it, I use an integrated converter which takes the Word file and converts it automatically into a pdf file. This conversion preserves everything which appeared in the Word document, including headers/footers, page numbers and web links. You can read all about Adobe Acrobat here: http://www.workwinners.

com/nlracrobat.htm If you are considering developing your own eBooks using Acrobat, the most cost effective way of purchasing it is to buy online from Adobe's US site, and select the download option. To buy the download version this is the place to start: http://www.workwinners.com/nlracrobat_dl.htm At 167 Mb, Acrobat is quite a large software product.

If you would therefore prefer to buy the boxed CD version, the cheapest way in the UK is to get it from Amazon. http://www.workwinners.com/nlramacrobat.htm eBook Covers It is a fact that showing your eBook in 3D form so it looks like a book really helps to boost sales. Compact Draw is the software I use to create my eBook covers.

You can try it for 30 days here: http://www.workwinners.com/nlrcompact.htm Website creation and maintenance Website design I use Macromedia's Dreamweaver to design websites, and indeed to create eBay auction description pages. Dreamweaver is a premium web design product, and unless you're going to do serious website design I wouldn't advise you to acquire it. It comes in boxed form, and Macromedia will channel any UK purchasers to a UK based reseller.

The cheapest way in the UK is to get it from Amazon. http://www.workwinners.com/nlramdream.htm Image Manipulation & Optimizing I use Paint Shop Pro for picture manipulation and for optimizing.

This is important for auction pictures, as eBay have a size limit of 50KB on any pictures which you want to upload to their Picture Service. The authors, JASC, have just released Version 9 of this software. I find Version 8 is perfectly acceptable for everything I want to do, and it's cheaper than Version 9. You can't now buy Version 8 from the author's USA site, which is unfortunate as this was the cheapest way of buying the product before Version 9 came out. The good news is that Version 8 is currently half price at the author's UK site, as you can see here: http://www.workwinners.

com/nlrpsp.htm It's available for trial at the UK site, and I recommend you test it to see if you can work with it. Website upload Cute FTP is probably the best known FTP software. I have used it for several years and have been very satisfied with the software. http://www.

workwinners.com/nlrcute.htm Website hosting ProWebSpace are excellent and reasonable web hosts which I have now been using for over a year. I transferred to them from another host with whom I was having lots of problems. Now, I have a better service, and it's at one third the price! Of course, you can get web space for nothing from a variety of ISPs.

Take a look at http://www.freeisp.com.


Affiliate Marketing

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